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Levent Trading Tool

Levent is democratizing the trading world. Like a professional trader, with Levent's trading tool and your own bank account, you can easily build an automated personalized and safe trading strategy.

Levent Trading Tool
Levent Trading Tool Levent Trading Tool

About us

Millions of independent traders want to trade like professionals and seek advanced and easy to use trading tools.

Levent is a cloud-based (SaaS) trading tool that automatically executes a tailored trading strategy while hedging the risks, offering a professional trading tool made simple for the masses. Levent white-label trading tool is certified by a Central Bank for banks and brokers to integrate into their platform (B2B2C) and offer to their customers.

90 Day Implementation

Levent Trading Tool


Levent Trading Tool


Levent Trading Tool


Levent Trading Tool



Are you an independent trader who wants to use Levent tool? Then join one of our partners:

Levent Trading Tool

Levent Product View

  • Build a trading strategy Hedging specific and general risks, providing ongoing safety for the end users.

  • Always On, Hands Off Automated execution, simultaneously implement strategies, track a wide range of opportunities.

  • Access trade anywhere, anytime Web, mobile, multiple languages, 24/7 trading.

  • Easy to operate No training needed.